Heavenly Harvest, Inc. Proudly serving you since 1999

How We Got Started

Country Gent Products are the brand name of products manufactured by Heavenly Harvest, Inc, Manufacturers of Products for the Body and Home. Safe for You, Our Employees, and our Community.

In January 1999, Heavenly Harvest was birthed by Francis Marion (Buddy) Hay, Jr. and Debra Matthews Hay.  They had won a contract to supply tooth powder to the General Services Administration.  The first days of manufacturing were a family affair.  Parents, Aunts, Cousins, and Friends helped get “powder in the bottle”.  The start-up was challenging but successful. 

On September 27, 1999, Buddy Hay died of a massive coronary at the age of 41.  Debra chose to continue on with the business and met the commitments for tooth powder and performed on a new contract for supplying bundled firewood to the NW and SW military commissaries.  In February 2001, Heavenly Harvest became incorporated with Debra owning 100% of the stock.  The business continued to grow. 

In November 2001, Luther W. (Bill) Hampton married Debra and took on responsibilities of the business, became son-in-law to not only Debra’s parents but, to Buddy’s parents, too.  Bill is retired U.S. Army and is a mighty man of valor.  He walks the walk of love towards all.

Work at Heavenly Harvest, Inc. still is often a family affair.  Much has changed but, one thing remains per Debra.  “We have customers all over the world yet, we try to treat them with the same respect and courtesy as if we’d see them tomorrow downtown on the street or have to sit next to them in church on Sunday.   A focus on customer service and customer satisfaction always has been a cornerstone of the business and will continue no matter how big Heavenly Harvest becomes.”

Over the years much has changed.  Many products have been added including a line of products that are reproductions of items from the 1900’s and before and a line of modern day products that are not always manufactured by Heavenly Harvest.  Here are just a few of the milestones:

April 2001 – Tooth Powder in a Metal Tin was marketed to Civil War Sutlers.

April 2002 – Anti-fungal Powder and Foot Powder products were marketed to General Services Administration.

May 2002 – Baby Powder and Talcum Powder were added to the modern day products.

May 2002 – Foot Powder, Crotch Powder, Lady’s Talcum, Gentleman’s Talcum and Bone and Bristle tooth brushes were added to the Reproduction line of products.

June 2004 – Tooth Powder with Fluoride was added to the modern day products.  Heavenly Harvest became FDA regulated and compliant to Current Good Manufacturing Principles.

Summer 2004 to Summer 2009 – Numerous products were added until over 100 items were listed in the catalog.  Products ranged from Horn Combs to ArthriSpray.  Some of the items were manufactured by Heavenly Harvest.  Others were distributed after value had been added to them.